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Grand Avenue Members Association 

Who we are:

The Grand Avenue Members Association nurtures a thriving business and residential community along Historic Grand Avenue by strengthening the sense of neighborhood and guiding its future form and character. GAMA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that represents a variety of stakeholders in the Grand Avenue community – property owners, business owners, and residential and commercial tenants related to property within ¼ mile of Grand Avenue between 7th Avenue and 19th Avenue, as well as outside supporters of the neighborhood. Our membership is open to individuals and businesses who elect our working Board of Directors. 

Board Members

• Bob Graham, 

• Greg Hawk,
   Vice President 

• Hilda Cardenas ,

• Mollie McCurdy,

• Coby Bruckner,


• Bud Meister,


• Gypsy Luna,



What we do: 

• Represent the neighborhood’s interests in dealing with city government 

• Work to keep the neighborhood safe and beautiful 

• Maintain community assets 

• Build consensus on important issues affecting Grand Avenue 

• Recognize and promote the history of the area 

• Support the role of the arts in contributing to neighborhood character 

• Support our local small businesses 

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