The Grand Avenue Members Association nurtures a thriving business and residential community along Historic Grand Ave by strengthening the sense of neighborhood and guiding its future form and character.

Business Members

Bud's on Grand

1301 Grand Ave #2c Phoenix, AZ 85007



The Grand Avenue Smoke Shop, Bud’s on Grand, supplies Downtown Phoenix and the Grand Avenue Arts District with their smoking supplies and alternative lifestyle essentials.  Bud’s sells exclusively Arizona blown glass, from hand pipes and water pipes to dab rigs and steamrollers.  Our goal is to feature the talented glassblowers in Arizona and offer unique, locally created art.  We offer 20% discounts to all medical marijuana cardholders so hit us up after the dispensary and we will take care of you.  Bud’s on Grand is located inside the historic Bragg’s Pie Factory building.

Motley Design

1114 Grand Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85007

(602) 254-5599


When you need creative solutions to your development challenges, Motley Design Group can provide practical answers.


Our experience with troubled sites and older and historic buildings will make your project a success - functional, beautiful, and cost-effective.


We design new buildings and rework old ones. Our emphasis is on making the best fit to the circumstances at hand, not in serving our own egos.

Board Members

Robert Graham


Louisa Stark


Jessica Bueno


Amber Harold

Board Member

Andrew "Bud" Meister

Board Member

Kevin Rille

Board Member

Rosa Prado

Board Member

Ryan Boyd

Board Member


Individual membership - $20

Business membership - $100


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